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Help us “IGNITE the FYR” with this workout. Forging Youth Resilience (FYR) formerly Steve’s Club is working to empower our youth! This challenge was designed by some of the kids in the program and gyms all across the country and around the world are participating to raise funds and support them. Follow the link attached to see more info or how you can make a donation!

Metcon (Time)

20 Burpees

150 Lateral hops over DB

80 Sit-ups

60 Sg. Arm DB Thrusters

40 Alternating lunges

20 DB Hang Cleans

200m Run


Time cap: 17 Minutes
Single DB for thrusters, two for cleans. All else un-loaded.

After Party

3x200m Odd carry

– Grip plate between fingers

– Carry unbalanced load

– Mix it up, carry something you haven’t carried

Goal is to do each round with as few breaks as possible while still going heavy